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C-ROK is dedicated to providing the solutions for taking your Cherokee beyond the inherent limits of the uni-body structure. The Cherokee’s uni-body structure is actually quite a stout and reliable platform. It has a proven history of great performance within the limits of what the Jeep® Engineers designed it for. However, the Jeep® engineers simply never could have foreseen the limits that we take our Cherokees to today and certainly not the limits that C-ROK enables you to take them to.


C-ROK was started in 2003 after a fiend 1997 XJ broke on a Rubicon Trip.  We spent two days working on getting the rig back to Lake Tahoe. It was then we realized the need for product to beef up the frame for the Jeep Cherokee XJ. We have expanded our product line to include bumpers, tire carrier, and armor.


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