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Specilizing in Jeep Cherokee XJ Bumpers

C-ROK Jeep Cherokee XJ  LP front bumpers are laser cut and precision formed out of solid 3/16" plate steel. Each bumper has been designed to maximize protection while still improving the vehicle approach angle and front tire exposure. The lower half of the bumpers recess back at a 45-degree angle to enhance approach angle while still protecting the vulnerable components behind the grill.The bumper has a 3" deep recessed winch box, integral fairlead mount and is pre-drilled to the industry standard 4.5" x 10" winch mounting pattern. It is ready to go for immediate winch mounting and can fit most all popular vehicle winches up the 9500 lb varieties. ½" thick Clevis tabs with a 1" diameter hole are welded directly over the internal support section on the front vertical face of the bumper.


C-ROK Jeep Cherokee XJ Rear bumper fits all Jeep Cherokee XJ’s 1984-2001. The C-ROK bumper is made to snugly wrap around the rear quarter panels of the Cherokee for the best protection possible.   The bumper is laser cut and precision formed 3/16 steel. It also comes with 1/2-inch clevis mounts and also a Class-III receiver hitch built into the bumper.



C-ROK Rear Bumper
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